Maureen Chen 陈慕莲 is the President, CEO and the founder of
PEC Global LLC.

Having lived in Los Angeles for the past 36+ years, I graduated from California State University, LA with BS in Computer Science. As a co-founder of Dynalink Systems Inc., JMC Netlink and PEC Global LLC, I have spent over 25 years in international logistics, software US/ China trade.

My open mindedness towards multi-cultural influences has supported my career as an industry leader. Recognitions by the mainstream include Dynalink Systems Inc. being honored by Inc 500 magazine as one of America’s fastest growing companies and one of the Top 100 fastest growing private companies in Los Angeles for five consecutive years. I was also named one of the 100 Top Largest Minority and Women--Owned Businesses in Los Angeles County by the Los Angeles JOC from 2003-2007.

My background and experience along with rich cultural perspectives will be an asset to any new business and “Lifetime Learning”, an important phrase in my life, allows me to continue success in career and help others to be success as well.

To contribute back to community, I am serving as board director of Southern California Dance Theatre , Society of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Executive ,Kiangsu-Chekiang -Shanghai Association ; Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghai dialect.

  • Entreprenurial international "hands-on" expertise
  • Fully compliant with Federal and State laws and regulations
  • Thorough understanding of U.S. and China markets.
  • In-depth knowledge of market dynamics, culture and policy environments in China.
  • Keen insight and expertise to assess and fulfill the needs of U.S. and China clients.
  • Well-established global company
  • Expertise with global mergers and aquisitions


Global Marketing Consultanting

  • Cross Border Ecommerce Products
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Consumer Demand Analysis

Strategic Consulting Services

  • Executive Guidance & Leadership
  • Strategic Global Business Development
  • Supply Chain Solutions

Key Resources

  • U.S. Market Analysis
  • Regulation & Restriction Compliance
  • Well-established Global Connections