Since the implementation of China's Open Door policy to the outside world over 30 years ago, the relationship between China and the United States has developed intensely.

PEC Global has a thorough understanding of U.S. and China markets and is conveniently located in Los Angeles ,California. Our team of professional American-Chinese and American experts have decades of experience in the global marketing arena.

 At PEC Global, we provide connections, communication and trusted advisement to clients specializing in their mission to go global.  Our core business encompasses marketing and branding for cross border ecommerce products, comprehensive management, warehouse management and cloud-based logistics platform services.  Our global marketing industry expertise allows us to create and provide a customized and optimal solutions for your international needs.

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Dedication, experience and in-depth knowledge you can trust. At PEC Global our management team has extensive experience in the global arena and is led by CEO,
Jack Chen.  With his vast experience of over 20 years and keen business acumen, he guides our team with ease.
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Named one of the 100 Top Largest Minority and Women--Owned Businesses in Los Angeles County by the Los Angeles Journal of Commerce from 2003-2007, Maureen Chen's record speaks for itself.
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Global Marketing Consultanting

  • Cross Border Ecommerce Products
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Consumer Demand Analysis

Strategic Consulting Services

  • Executive Guidance & Leadership
  • Strategic Global Business Development
  • Supply Chain Solutions

Key Resources

  • U.S. Market Analysis
  • Regulation & Restriction Compliance
  • Well-established Global Connections