Based in Los Angeles, California, PEC Global is your global marketing consultant and provides businesses resources and connections to "go global" with successful global marketing solutions and strategic consulting.

Our global marketing solutions help customers around the world internationalize their businesses by implementing business strategies on a global scale.  Our core solutions include marketing and branding for cross border ecommerce business, warehouse management and cloud-based logisitics IT platform services. Each global marketing solution focuses on expanding market reach, increasing profits and building solid, trusted relationships.

Utilizing our valued resources and connections all over the world especially in China and the United States, you can trust PEC Global has the expertise and industry experience to provide a custom global marketing solution for your business. Our in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, culture and policy environments in China along with our valued connections creates the perfect atmosphere for your success. 

Contact PEC Global and let us be your global marketing consultant to guide your company for the next steps in "going global".

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  • Entreprenurial international "hands-on" expertise
  • Fully compliant with Federal and State laws and regulations
  • Thorough understanding of U.S. and China markets.
  • In-depth knowledge of market dynamics, culture and policy environments in China.
  • Keen insight and expertise to assess and fulfill the needs of U.S. and China clients.
  • Well-established global company
  • Expertise with global mergers and aquisitions

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Global Marketing Consultanting

  • Cross Border Ecommerce Products
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Consumer Demand Analysis

Strategic Consulting Services

  • Executive Guidance & Leadership
  • Strategic Global Business Development
  • Supply Chain Solutions

Key Resources

  • U.S. Market Analysis
  • Regulation & Restriction Compliance
  • Well-established Global Connections